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Petroiran Development Company
registered as a subsidiary company to National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) is currently active mainly in offshore oil
and gas field development projects in the Persian Gulf as well as onshore oil and gas field projects.

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Offering 50 Trillion Rial Bonds Approved
TEHRAN Jan 29, 10:49 (Shana)-Parliament’s Integrated Commission has permitted Petroleum Ministry to issue bonds worth 50 trillion rials for investment in development of shared oil and gas fields. more
Giving in to Oil Price Slump against Iranian Dignity
TEHRAN Jan 28, (11:16 Shana)--Iran’s first vice-president has said the country will never give in to the aftermaths of the oil price fall because it is against the Iranian spirit and dignity . more
Star Refinery Coming Online Late Next Year
TEHRAN Jan 27, 09:20 (Shana)--The first phase of Persian Gulf Star refinery is expected to come online later next Iranian calendar year, the first quarter of 2016. more
   Iran Oil Dependence Harms Progress
TEHRAN Jan 25, 11:38 (Shana)--Dependency on oil revenues is hindering Iran's progress and most of the country's issues will be smoothed out once the country manages to wean its economy from petrodollars, the vice-president for science and technology has said. more
Economy Unfazed by Oil Plunge
TEHRAN Jan 23, 10:55 (Shana)--Iran’s first vice-president has said that falling crude oil prices will not impact the country’s economic prosperity.more

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SPOLThe South Pars Oil Layer is located in the center of the Persian Gulf on ...more
Foroozan  The Foroozan Oil Field is located in the Persian Gulf. This Field is one of the common fields located in the marine boundary of Iran and Saudi Arabia, 100 km...more
JufeyrJufeyr oil field is located in Khuzestan Province, south west of Iran with a distance of 50 km ...more
Sirri-Assalouyeh Pipeline
Sirri-Assalouyeh PipelineThis project was awarded to Petroiran for constructing a 289 kilometers of 32 inches pipeline between Sirri Island and Assalouyeh port in addition to about 15.5 km inmore
Integrated Drilling Services
Integrated Drilling Services A subsidiary of PEDCO,on behalf of Petroiran company has entered into contract with Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) to provide Integrated Drilling Services. more


SalmanSalman is situated in the Persian Gulf, on the marine border ... more
AzadeganIntegrated Appraisal and Development Operations of Azadegan Field ...more
Foroozan Esfandiar
Foroozan EsfandiarThese Fields are located in the Persian Gulf, on the marine border ...more
Nosrat Farzam
Nosrat FarzamThese fields are located 22 km to the south of Sirri Island and the ...more
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