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 Jufeyr oil field is located in Khuzestan province about 50 kilometers east of Ahwaz. Contract of Jufeyr oil field development project was signed on Sep, 5, 2007 between NIOC as the client and Petroiran Development Company and Belorusneft Company as the contractors in the Buy-back format. Petroleum Belpars Company was registered in Jersey, Britain on Oct, 23, 2007. The company mission was to develop this field based on international standards in the oil and gas industry. After completion of early production phase all shares of Belorusnet in Belpars Company transferred to PEDCO and Petroiran is general contractor for development of Jufeyr oil field in next phases.




Project Objectives:

Early production phase - Production of 3,500 bbl/pd Oil and 1.7 MMscfd Gas, through drilling one new, two work-over and one appraisal well (s) in 25 months (based on JMC's approval)


PEDCO's proposal regarding definition and execution plan of next phases of this project is going to be finalized and approved by client in 2th quarter of 2013.


Description of performed tasks:

  •  Early Production Phase is being operated since August, 22, 2010 and First Phase preliminary studies are under progress now.
  • Developing dynamic and static model of reservoir
  • Completion of drilling activities related to work-over wells, a production and appraisal well
  • Completion of activities related to surface facilities
  • Completion of Topographical and Geo-technical field operations and carrying out First phase Front to End Engineering and Design
  • Provisioning part of phase one Front End Engineering Design document
  • Completion of commissioning and operational activities of Early Production Phase
  • Drilling and completion of a waste water drain well in 2012 as additional work






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