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Integrated Drilling Services Project:


At the present  a subsidiary company of Petroiran ,on behalf of Petroiran company has entered into contract with Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) to provide Integrated drilling services. Under this contract this subsidiary, as responsible contractor, is providing twelve (12) drilling related services to eightteen (18) drilling rigs comprising of: fifteen (15) offshore jack-up rigs  near Kharg and Siri islands and three onshore drilling rigs at Kharg island.




Such services including directional drilling, providing drilling mud, support, casing running, fishing, cementing, liner hanger, whipstock, wellhead services and coiled tubing. Under the framework of the contract and in order to provide better drilling services,thid sister company is coordinating and planning the operations in cooperation with other service companies.



  Available Services

In parallel with our ongoing project of providing drilling services for six offshore and two onshore drilling rigs for IOOC , PEDCO has proceeded with the development and offering multiple maintenance services. For accomplishment this goal of offering additional the offshore and onshore drilling services AND according to the latest technology and HSEQ policy ,PEDCO has entered into partnership with several local and international companies.

Cementing / Acidizing

 - Drilling Mud

 - Directional Drilling

 - Casing Running and Fishing Services

 -Wireline services:(PVT, RSMT, TLC, TCP) 


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