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Quality Management System

Petroiran Development Company (PEDCO) is determined to attain Company’s objectives to the highest level, through establishment and execution of Quality Management System according to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2000 Standard and ISO/ TS 29001: 2003 Technical Specification (specific quality management system / requirements for product and service supply organizations in petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries).

The principles of Quality Management System including "Customer focus", "Leadership", "Involvement of people", "Process approach", "System approach to management", "Continual improvement", "Factual approach to decision making" and "Mutually beneficial supplier relationships", fully be regarded by top level management in order to lead the Company towards improved performance.

Quality Management System of PEDCO’s operative units (including Tehran office, Kish branch and Projects execution sites) has been certified by "GRUPPO IMQ S.p.A" (member of Italian Federation of Management System Certification Bodies, "CISQ") with accreditation of "SINCERT" and under registration of "The International Certification Network (IQNet)" on February 2007, in the field of activities related to execution of development projects in upstream sector of oil and gas industries, as below:

  • Exploration and evaluation,
  • Oil and gas reservoir studies,
  • Drilling,
  • Management and supervision of design, fabrication, construction, installation and commissioning of onshore and offshore facilities,
  • Production and production increase.

Accordingly, Petroiran top level management communicated his commitment to the establishment, execution and improvement of Company Quality Management System by approving "Statement of Company Quality Policy" with following highlighted points.

  • Utilization specialized and experienced manpower and optimize use of other resources for timely completion of the whole work scope and at a reasonable cost to secure and maintain the quality of  Company’s  products and services,
  • Providing continual training to employees in order to improve their skill and efficiency in line with human resources development,
  • Providing grounds for attracting the employees’ participation and flourishing their talents and potentials with a view to attain Company objectives and materialize its plans,
  • Utilization up-to-date engineering knowledge to guarantee accomplishment of the Company’s projects and services consistent with the international standards requirements,
  • Improvement Company’s supervision and control, over the performance of consultants, contractors and suppliers,
  • Ensuring client’s full satisfaction through understanding of their requirements and responding to their expectations,
  • Monitoring performance of Quality Management System processes and conducting periodical audits to make sure of the effectiveness and efficiency of its operation and achieve Continual Improvement in Quality Management System through planning, taking the necessary actions, controls and periodical reviews.


1000 days free of LTI in Salman Oil and Gas Development Project EPC2

A worthy prove on concerning about the HSE issues is registration of 1000 days free of LTI in Salman Oil and Gas Development Project EPC2, at 2006/06/16 comprising the best result ever attained.

Although this record is still being protected as it was, advancement of HSE system of approach is and will continually be on top of our management’s objectives.

This Picture shows staff of PEDCO and its contractor’s are taking part in HSE ceremony to celebrate 1000 LTI free working days.


HSE Approach

Our vision is to be recognised as a countrywide leader in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), by ensuring that we develop, nurture and sustain a culture that aims at ‘no harm to people’ or the environment.


Our approach is to ensure that our HSE Management System is functioning adequately and provides for continuous performance improvement.

HSE matters shall be managed as any other critical business activity by developing a business plan, setting targets for improvement and publicly reporting performance.

Our senior management will provide strong, visible leadership and commitment, and ensure that this Commitment is translated into the necessary resources, to develop, operate and maintain the HSEMS and to attain the policy and strategic objectives.

> HSE Management System
PEDCO selected the following HSE-MS structure as the same as OGP and NIOC.


HSE Performance

HSE performance chart of Petroiran Development Company shows a decreasing trend of LTIF from 1385(solar calendar) up to present.



Implementation of Environmental Management System

·         Management of  drilling operations residues

·         Separating wastes and residues

·         Aerobic sewage treatment

·         Installation of incinerators

·         Hygienic burial of garbage


In execution of new projects, PEDCO has been the first Iranian company utilized "Zero Discharge" system in Azadegan oil field development project to minimize pollution resulted from drilling operations.


The objectives of implementing drilling operations residues management in Azadegan project were as follow:

·         Nonexistence of liquid residues at the end of drilling operation

·         Preventing the earth pollution by oil, petrol and salt

·         Enhancing the efficiency of solids control in drilling operation which will lead to reducing the amount of consuming water in chemical additives in drilling mud

·         Separating the solid residues resulted from drilling mud to reduce disposal cost


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