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Sirri-Assalouyeh PipeLine

    This project was awarded to Petroiran for constructing a 289 kilometers of 32 inches subsea pipeline between Sirri Island and Assalouyeh port in addition to about 14 km onshore pipeline in Sirri Island and Assalouyeh including manifold facilities for tie-in to existing facilities in order to transfer Salman field gas to the South Pars phases 6,7 and 8 facilities.  


Execution period:

   Project was commenced in September 2008 and it will come into operation July 2013.

Project objectives

Transferring Salman gas from Sirri Island to Assalouyeh via submarine pipeline


Description of performed tasks

·           Completion of survey, basic and detailed engineering

·           Completion of pipeline concrete coating

·           Completion of all procurement issues

·           Completion of pipeline laying at sea bed with an approximately 289 kilometers length

·           Installation and commissioning of about 12km length onshore pipeline in Assalouyeh port including manifold

·           Installation and commissioning of  about 2 km length onshore pipeline in Siri  Island and tie-in to compressor     station facilities

·Sirri-Assalouyeh pipeline is the longest subsea pipeline in Persian Gulf in which construction was successfully completed in less than 8 months, 2 months earlier than contractual plan.







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