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Our aim is to achieve and maintain the effective knowledge and expertise required for performing upstream projects in oil & gas industries all over the world , especially in the Persian Gulf region. Having that in mind , PEDCO’s goals are best summed up as below:



  • Integrated project management, exploitation, optimization and achieving up to date technical expertise
  • Establishment of new executive structure and approach, to speed up technology transfer, guidance, supervision and control
  • Utilization of domestic contractors in engineering design activities, supervision, fabrication and construction of facilities
  • Improving human resources efficiency and experience through utilizing training systems and development of communication
  • Establishing and improving of integrated and coordinated management systems (quality, health, safety and environment), developing communication network and software to facilitate provision of specialized services for oil and gas projects inside and outside the country
  • Providing financial resources, capital absorption, surveying and covering investment risk and controlling recovery cost
  • Achieving a desirable position in various international markets in oil and gas industries




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