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Who we are

Belpars Company

Belpars Company was registered on 23rd of October 2007 in Jersey Island, England, owned by Belorusneft and Petroiran Development Company on a 50-50 basis.

Belpars was formed based on the highest international standards to implement Oil and Gas fields development projects inside and outside of Iran. The company mission is to execute projects based on international standards in the oil and gas industry and taking into account time, cost, quality, HSE and human resource.

Belpars intends to become a reputable General Contractor in Oil and Gas industry and one of the most reliable companies in international comprehensive management. Due to its increasing ability in engineering, management and finance, Belpars aims to be considered a capable company in the international projects management. Belpars is improving by expanding its ability to utilize high technology and provide financial resources. The company applies facilities with the highest quality, in an economical and competitive manner in national and international level.

Company objectives
Belpars fundamental objective is to increase efficiency in performing projects, upgrading manpower know-how. Materializing these objectives will result in improving social life. Taking advantage of Iranian and Belorussian experts and utilizing high technology in Oil and Gas Industry BPC is heading toward its objectives.
BPC is making effort to obtain a suitable position in developing community's economy and improving managing capability in oil and gas industry. Although the company's geographical territory of activities is limited to Iran, planning for entering the international markets is proceeding.

Jufeyr Oil Field development

Belpars Company is executing Jufeyr oil field development project. Contract of Jufeyr project became effective on Sep, 5, 2007 between NIOC as the client and joint of Petroiran Development Company and Belorusneft Company as the contractors in the Buy-back format. Jufeyr is in Khuzestan province, in south-west of Iran about fifty kilometers from city of Ahwaz and is closed to Azadegan, Yadavaran and Abteymoor oil fields. Jufeyr oil in place (OIP) is estimated to be two billion barrels. All reservoirs in this field are under saturation and there is no gas cap.

Project objectives
Early production phase- Production of 3,500 bbl/pd Oil and 1.7 MMscfd Gas, through drilling one new, two work-over and one appraisal well (s) in 25 months (based on JMC's approval
Phase one- Production of 15,000 bbl/pd Oil and 3.6 MMscfd Gas through drilling 6 new wells in addition to previously drilled wells and one water disposal well in 24 months
Phase two: Production of 25,000 bbl/pd Oil and 6.3 MMscfd Gas through drilling of 5 new wells and one water disposal well in 36 months

Description of performed tasks:
Developing dynamic and static model of reservoir
Completion of drilling activities related to work-over wells and a production well
Starting activities related to surface facilities
Completion of Topographical and Geo-technical field operations and carrying out First phase Front to End Engineering and Design

Company Objectives

Petro-Iran Kish Development Company